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Research & Development

Research and Development – Underground

As the market leader, DSI Underground is present in all global underground regions, delivering customized solutions to clients around the world. DSI Underground research and development is extremely important because it has improved the ergonomics of the jobs our clients perform and also improves the cost effectiveness of underground jobs, thereby reducing project costs.
Research & Development
Thanks to our global presence, we are in the unique position to combine our experts’ knowledge around the world in order to develop sophisticated solutions for the mining and tunneling industries. Due to our constant R&D activities, which are characterized by close contact with leading technical universities, we continually maintain the highest level of innovation in the underground industry. Our R&D centers around the world constantly improve our extensive range of products in order to keep satisfying our customers’ individual needs. Rather than design products from a laboratory, we are directly involved at the face, thus providing solutions which are perfectly adapted to specific mining and tunneling conditions. The principal areas of improvement in the underground industry have been directed towards the stiffness of the support in order to increase the safety of reinforcement and support systems. DSI Underground's developments also include a variety of roof bolts such as the Tiger Bolt® System, a genuine “one pass” permanent resin anchor system that can be installed with standard Jumbo drilling equipment. Another important aspect of DSI Underground’s R&D activities is the development of corrosion protection coatings for specialty roof bolts such as the DCP Bolt or the OMEGA-BOLT®.
Research & Development
Furthermore, DSI Underground offers a wide range of sophisticated ALWAG Systems such as the AT- Pipe Umbrella Support System, which provides reliable support of tunnel walls in the area of the tunnel face in fault zones and unstable ground conditions. Other efficient inventions include AT-Power Set Self-drilling Friction Bolts, which are both time-saving and cost-efficient due to their being drilled and installed simultaneously with standard drilling machines.
Research & Development
DSI Underground’s selection of underground supports also includes Liner Plates. These Plates offer maximum support during the critical mining phase in soft ground tunneling with minimum weight of steel. DSI Underground’s underground product range is complemented by FASLOC® resin cartridges. In addition to providing slow and fast setting resins in separate cartridges, DSI Underground is also able to supply combined cartridges, thus reducing material to be transported and bolting cycle times.
With its international team of experienced engineers, DSI Underground is proud to have contributed to making tunneling and mining safer around the world.

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