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  • Mineral Bolt - USR

    Mineral Bolt - USR


    Mineral-Bolt is a 2-component, high strength silicate resin. It is suitable for fixing mechanical bolts, cable bolts, hollow cables, and self-drilling anchors in the borehole, grout stabilization (for heavily cracked rock mass), gas sealing and water stopping.

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  • Mine Fill - Phenolic resin


    Mine-fill is a two-component, fast reacting injection foam intended for use in underground mines as a cavity filing option also for gas and fire prevention.

    The product is suitable for:

    Sealing against gases, dams and consolidation of highly fractured strata. Filling of cavities on Longwall faces Erection of firewalls and constructions of stoppings. Deactivation of the carbon surface prone to spontaneous combustion.

  • Mineral Bond - USR


    Mineral Bond is a two component, solvent-free free urea resin designed to be used for the rapid stabilisation of rocks and coal in the tunneling and mining industry as well as a water in-flow sealer.

  • Strata Bond - PUR


    DSI Strata-Bond is a two component, solvent-free polyurethane injection resin specially designed for rapid consolidation and ground stabilization, consolidotion of fractured rock and sealing against gas and water (W).

  • Mine Flush - Phenolic Resin Flushing Agent


    Mine-Flush is a surface-active, alkaline rinsing solution for Mine-Fill A (Resin).

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