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  • Chemical Anchor Installer Rod

    Chemical Anchor Installer Rod


    The Chemical Anchor Installer assists in the manual installation of chemical anchors in pre-drilled rock and roof bolt holes when the roof height is up to 3.5metres high.

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  • Grout Tube

    Grout Tube


    Grout Tube is normally used to pump cementitous grouts for rock and cable bolt in post grouting applications.

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  • Breather Tube

    Breather Tube


    Breather Tube (air bleed tube) is used to allow the escape of air from the bolt hole during grouting. The air bleed tube is also used to provide a positive indication of grouting progress by visual indication of air escape and, eventually, the grout return through the tube when the hole is full. 

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  • Resin Installer System

    Resin Installer System


    In Hardrock mining FASLOC X2 resin capsules are typically installed using a resin installer fitted to development Jumbos in underground headings where hand insertion is not safe or practical. The resin installer system uses a clear tube to support the resin with a fitted retainer cap, the tube is connected to the drifter via an R32 adapter. The retainer caps are supplied in the box with the resin capsules.

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