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  • Pin Nuts

    Pin Nuts


    DSI drive nut that utilises a shear pin breakout system.

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  • Expansion Shells

    Expansion Shells


    DSI expansion shells hold in any rock strata which is sufficiently competent to provide an adequate anchorage. They are designed to anchor in soft ground or hard rock. In good stratathe anchorage exceeds the ultimate strength of the steel bolt. All expansion shells require a competent strata in the anchor zone. The suitability of the anchorage and the specific expansion shell to be used is best determined by physical load testing

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  • Steel Wedges

    Steel Wedges


    DSI Steel Wedges were designed for use with slot and wedge type bolts.

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  • Dome Ball Washers

    Dome Ball Washers


    The use of a Dome Ball, with compatible Domed Plate, generally ensures better alignment of the bolt to the roof and together will maximise load transfer from the bolt to the surrounding rock.

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  • Rock Bolt Coupling

    Rock Bolt Coupling


    The Rock Bolt Coupling is a specialty product used to connect the thread of two rock bolts together.

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  • Rock Bolt Extension Coupling

    Rock Bolt Extension Coupling


    The Rock Bolt Extension Coupling is a specialty product used to extend rock bolts to ensure the bolt end does not protrude from the rock after the bolt has ultimately completed its purpose. i.e. Securing boot ends, dirve heads etc. This ensures no subsequent damage occurs to rubber tyred vehicles.

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  • Cable Sling Tension Block

    Cable Sling Tension Block


    Used for Sling System with the 15.2mm Cable Bolt.

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  • Resin Mixer

    Resin Mixer


    The Resin Mixer System was designed to assist in the installation of Rock Bolts with Chemical Anchors in larger diameter holes by providing substantially enhanced mixing of the Chemical Anchors.

    The Resin Mixer System is designed to attach to the up hole end of the CS5 and CS4 Rock Bolts.

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  • OZ Nut - Drive Nuts

    OZ Nut - Drive Nuts


    DSI Underground have continued to develop torque resistance nuts. The DSI Oz Nut has a metal insert pressed into the backof the nut to provide the breakout resistance during resin mixing. Once the resin has cured the metal insert is broken out and the nut is run up the thread.

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  • Anti-Friction Washer

    Anti-Friction Washer


    The DSI Flame Retardent Anti-Friction Washer was developed to reduce friction between the nut and the dome ball. This, in turn, allows for more efficient pre-loeading of the bolt.

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